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Computing is a goal-oriented activity or computer technology that requires computing machinery to process hardware, software, and algorithmic tasks. It includes scientific, engineering, mathematical, and technological aspects. Additionally, computing represents numbers that serve the purpose of civilization. In addition, the *computing tool is Abacus which is easy to use and was invented in Babylon Circa in 2400 BC.

Furthermore, computing and data storage systems have undergone significant changes in recent years, generally referred to as computer systems. Computers, or computer system devices, are becoming increasingly complex. This complexity often results in problems that cannot be addressed through conventional software tools. As a result, software development is supported by special-purpose hardware. That supports many tasks, particularly those that can perform highly specialized functions that are not possible with software alone.

The computing software developer can manage the system’s complexity convert most efficiently. A system may contain many components, each of which may have a large amount of functionality. However, the design of such systems may be very difficult because each component must interact with other components to provide the overall functionality desired by the user. The components must be designed to ensure that they will work together correctly. One problem that arises in complex systems is how to test all of the components. The design and testing of a complex system may require using a model of the system being developed. The model may be used as a tool to guide the design of the system. In particular, it can be used to determine the interactions between system components.