Gadgets that make a student’s life much easier


Today it’s hard to imagine our life without a cell phone and a computer with the Internet-connected. But technology continues to evolve, devices are getting smarter, and there are even more useful and even necessary gadgets for studying. Let’s see what kind of help from them the modern student can expect.

Smart Watch

Not all teachers allow you to use your cell phone for classes. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. A smartwatch will help you keep a good relationship with your teacher and, at the same time, not miss important calls and messages. In addition, you can set an alarm clock and reminders on the device. It is convenient when the signal of the need to perform this or that action is literally on your hand.

A smartwatch works in symbiosis with a cell phone. You can use various applications and receive notifications from for example dissertation assistance service. In this case, there is no need to get into your bag full of notes.

The device can be used as a camera, flash drive, physical activity scanner (heart rate monitor and pedometer). Some models are equipped with contactless payment technology. The higher the cost of the smartwatch, the more problems it solves.

How to choose a smartwatch

Smartwatches come in 3 types:

  • Phone watch. A stand-alone device that does not need to be connected to a smartphone.
  • Companion watch. Fully functional only in conjunction with a cell phone. Will help those who do not want to constantly carry a smartphone in your hands or climb into the bag for it.
  • Fitness bracelet. Primarily needed to control the physical activity of the owner. Suitable for those who need to monitor their blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

Wireless headphones

Tired of untangling wires? Wireless headphones will solve that problem. They pick up sound from your cell phone, tablet, TV, computer, and even your smartwatch.

With them, you can quite freely “travel” around the apartments for rent in Seattle, WA and solve household issues, without stopping listening to music or an audiobook and without disturbing anyone at home.

Such headphones require regular charging, but you can connect a wire to them and use them as a normal wired headset.

wireless headphones
wireless headphones

How to choose wireless headphones

It is worth paying attention to:

  • Bluetooth version. Must be the same one that is supported by your device. The headphones will work either way, but the quality of playback will be exactly as your smartphone or tablet allows.
  • Range. If you’re going to sync your headphones with the TV while you’re cleaning the house, for example, it’s best to choose a radius of at least 15 meters.
  • Type of headphones. Just like standard, wireless headphones can be external and internal. Here it all depends on your preferences. However, it is believed that the external are not as harmful to the health of your ears.
  • Availability of a microphone. This makes it possible to use headphones to talk on your cell phone. Agree, a convenient option.
  • Noise reduction. The option is useful for those who want to isolate themselves from extraneous sounds and fully immerse themselves in the educational or any other process.


A student constantly needs something to read. No matter what your particular major is, knowledge comes to us not only from teachers but also from books.

Today, many publications are already digitized and presented in e-book format. This seriously makes life easier for the student. After all, now there is no need to carry heavy volumes on your shoulders if you are going to study for a session at your grandmother’s place in the countryside. Just load the books you need into your e-reader and travel light.

Why is an e-book better than a regular smartphone? And because in this device there is no flickering screen, creating a wild discomfort during long hours of reading.

How to choose an e-book

Nuances that are worth considering:

  • Screen diagonal. There are pocket versions up to 5 inches, but more convenient e-books standard book format – 6 inches. There are formats and larger, they are suitable for people with poor eyesight.
  • Contrast. Choose a contrast of at least 10:1.
  • Format support. It is better if your e-reader supports as many book formats as possible: ePub, PDF, FB2, DOC, DOCX, DjVu, TXT, MOBI, HTML.
  • Audio playback. This option is not present in every model, because it is not quite clear what it is for. However, some models allow accompanying the reading with music.

Portable charger

Or Paverbank. If you like to hang out on your smartphone or if your daily routine makes it impossible to recharge it in time, this device is vital to you.

How to choose a paverbank

  • Capacity. Choose a device with a capacity 2-2.5 times higher than the battery of your smartphone.
  • The amperage. 2A is the best option. Pay attention to the technology Quick Charge – its presence indicates the possibility of super-fast charging.
  • The number of USB ports. It is better if there are 2.
  • Indicator of charging. It is more convenient when there is one.
  • Weight. It’s better if it doesn’t exceed 250g.

Light alarm clock

Provides sunrises and sunsets when you need them, such as according to your school schedule.

About 30 minutes before your expected rise, the device slowly lights its beams. When it’s time to finally wake your host, the gadget will fill the room with the sounds of nature or turn on your favorite radio.

With this technological marvel, you can not only wake up but also fall asleep. That is, all the processes will occur in reverse order.

Gadgets can be an excellent assistant to any student, but they will not solve the problem with unfulfilled academic tasks.