How To Customize Apartment Cyberpunk 2077?

how to customize apartment cyberpunk

Have you updated 2077 on your cyberpunk and wondered how to customize your apartment as per your preferences now? No worries, this setup is all about how to do so. Moreover, besides cars and weapons, Remove Viruses from Chip, you can also V invest cash in real estate.

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However, It has a new generation update that allows players to do more with their hard-earned Eddies with many new features. In which new apartment and guide to decorate it is included.

How To Customize Apartment Cyberpunk 2077

In the Cyberpunk 2077 update, you can customize your apartment from different themes, now available for the default categories. For which you have to:

How To Customize Apartment Cyberpunk 2077
  • Go to the default apartment
  • In your computer, press and hold the key “f.”
  • Then navigate to the Bet Section
  • Now go to the Net Section
  • Then go to the EZESTATES
  • Next, go to the Makeover Section
  • Lastly, buy and apply your preferred theme.

Get/Upgrade An Apartment In Cyberpunk

It is good news for cyberpunk players to get four additional new apartments instead of just the default one in the 2077 updated version.

  • On your computer screen, go to the bottom.
  • Then, select EZEstate.
Select EZEstate
  • Now you have to need to have a complete quest named “Playing For Time.”
  • The items you own will also be shared to all.
  • If you have the amount you need to make the purchase, you can buy it right away.
  • Lastly, you will get six themes to choose from, and your house will change accordingly.                                                                                 

Themes Of Customize Apartments Cyberpunk

These are different types of categories available in the Cyberpunk 1.5 update mentioned below:

These new houses in Cyberpunk range from very high to very cheap prices.

Apartment Location: Apartment Price
Northern Watson:      Five Thousand Dollars
Japantown, Westbrook:  Fifteen Thousand Dollars
The Glen, Heywood:Forty Thousand Dollars
Corpo Plaza, City Center:  Fifty-Five Thousand Dollars          

1.     Northside Apartment Cyberpunk

The cheapest option among all the apartments in Cyberpunk is the Northside Apartment available in this game. It has a compact size design with comfy feels with a bed at the entrance and, at the end, the stash room is located.

Moreover, an arcade is also present next to the bed but not interactable, but it is maybe a sign that mini-games will soon be introduced in cyberpunk.

2.     Japantown Apartment

It is an apartment with Asian style for fifteen thousand Eddies. This apartment is a little bigger than the Northern side one. This apartment contains a lot of interactions, including:

Japantown Apartment
  • TV with a couch
  • Burnable scented candles
Japantown Apartment Burnable scented candles
  • To drink and smoke, a chair is also given.
  • A window shuttered to open for view.

3.     Glen Apartment

It is one of the High-end apartments and the largest one. It is worth forty thousand Eddies, for which you must work much harder. Glen Apartment comes with a lot more interactions than previous ones, containing:

  • The elevator opens to the penthouse.
  • Bar
  • Coffee maker
  • TV with a couch
Glen Apartment
  • A moderate-sized library in which you can sit and read books.
  • Pool ball game table that is interactable.
Pool ball game table
  • Second-floor bedroom.
Glen Apartment Second-floor bedroom

4.     Corpo Plaza

It is the priciest, worth fifty-five thousand eddies among all. Moreover, it is a plaza with corpoish elegance with rich design.

Corpo Plaza contains:

  • Coffee Maker
  • Bar
  • Stash Room
  • Bathroom
  • Dining Table
Corpo Plaza Dinning table cyberpunk

Themes To Customize Apartments on Cyberpunk

These are the themes that can only be applied at the default one:

  • Cornado Twilight
Cornado Twilight
  • Lunar Tranquility
Lunar Tranquility
  • California Max
California Max
  • Neon Sands
Neon Sands
  • Flamingo City
  • Sowbread Tiger
Sowbread Tiger

New Apartment Buffs/How To Get Them

Apartment Buffs provides you with stat bonuses to accomplish some activities in the apartment for approximately an hour that further include:

Apartment Features:Effects Of The Features:Bonus
ShoweringIt will provide you with a refreshed buff for an hourHealth regeneration rate 20% increase. Health regeneration threshold 20% increase
SleepingThis will make you Rested for an hour. Experience in skills 20% increased. Maximum stamina 25% increased.
Brewing CoffeeEnergizing Buff will be provided to you for an hourStamina regenerates a 30% increase.

How To Make An Apartment Look Like It Is From Cyberpunk Genre?

If you are wondering what is Cyberpunk interior design? Cyberpunk apartments are an image of a dark and grainy future. Technology has taken over the world, which is a very lonely and threatening time to look up to. Moreover, With the help of these elements, your room will give you a cyberpunk aesthetic theme.

  • Futuristic technology
  • Neon lights
  • Industrial elements
  • Edgy decor
  • Dark colors
  • The futuristic-looking gadgets
  • exposed pipes
  • metal surfaces
  • concrete floors

However, all these things incorporated in your space give an industrial feel with the help of these subtle and eye-catching settings. Each Apartment comes with its own interesting and engaging features, which involve the players in the world of Night City.


Qno1: What is the point of apartment in cyberpunk?

Ans: New apartment provides stat bonuses to you for accomplishing some activities in your apartment for approximately an hour.

Qno2: Where is V’s original apartment?

Ans: On the 8th floor in Megabuilding H10 at Little China Watson, number 0716 is V’s original apartment.

Qno3: How do I change my HUD in cyberpunk?

Ans: To change HUD in cyberpunk:
• Go on to the main menu on cyberpunk.
• Further, go to the settings.
• Then go to the interface button at the top bar.
• Scroll down.
HUD Visibility options are given there; you can change them as per your settings.

Qno4: How to use iguana egg cyberpunk?

Ans: In V`s apartment on the first floor, the egg is located at the back of the tree trunk next to an adult iguana.

Qno5. Can you get on the top of the buildings in cyberpunk?

Ans: Normally, you cannot go to the top of Arasaka Tower, but you are able to climb to the top of a few of them. The Night Sky in Cyberpunk is full of massive skyscrapers and buildings that afford a view of the player.

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