Best Product Key Finder For Windows 10 [2024]

Product Key Finder For Windows 10
Product Key Finder For Windows 10

Windows 10 product key finder is the best way to unlock any Microsoft product and use it with a legal license. Product keys are like the passwords used to protect Microsoft Products from piracy. However, the product keys can be generated from other software and are easily available.

The Windows keys are found with the paperwork whenever you buy a genuine version of Windows 10 or now the latest version, Windows 11. In some cases, however, if you get an unregistered version of Windows or Microsoft Office you can easily find the serial key using a product key finder. In this article, we shall discuss the Best Product KeyFinder in 2024.

Belarc Advisor – Key Finder App

Belarc Advisor is an application used to gather information about the Windows operating system you are using. When you run the Belarc advisor it automatically collects all the information about the Windows Operating System, its license keys, and hardware & software.

After processing and collecting all the information it produces and shows the details in the form of an HTML document. In the HTML document displayed in the browser, you can search and find the license key in that HTML document to activate Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office.

The Belarc advisor provides loads of information about Windows and Microsoft Office. It also includes information about the antivirus that is installed, connected hardware to the computer, and the security benchmark of the operating system. The Belarc Advisor is, no doubt, one of the best product key finders today.

Windows 7 Product Key Finder
Windows 7 Product Key Finder

Abelssoft MyKeyFinder – Product Key Finder

Abelssoft MyKeyFinder scans the entire PC and displays the results in the form of a list. The data it shows can be copied to a clipboard and pasted into the original format. There are two versions of Abelssoft MyKeyFinder, Free and Premium versions.

The free version of this product key finder finds the product keys for Windows and Microsoft Office. The paid version is, however, more slightly more powerful scans the external devices & Hard Drives, and provides Wi-Fi passwords. The main advantage of Abelssoft MyKeyFinder is that it never returns fake or duplicate results in the case of Microsoft Office Keys.

License Crawler

License crawler is another trusted name in the list of product key finders. It has a free version for personal use. The main downside of this product key finder is that it is slower than the rest and scans the entire registry to find the license key in the Windows and Microsoft Office files.  However, you can make it work faster but you will have to select one of the two filters Blacklist and white list. Using these filters can speed up the process; however, it will slow down the process.

The licensecrawler is a portable application and it does not have to be installed on every computer independently. Moreover, you can use this product key finder can be used with a USB on each computer, just plug it in and run it.

Windows Product Key Viewer

Windows product key viewer is another license key finder that is super fast and is capable of producing results in a single second. The reason why this license key finder is faster than every other software is that it focuses only on the product key of the operating system.

Windows product key finder investigates the operating system and finds the keys only for Windows. It does not, however, scan other things like external devices, saved passwords for Wi-Fi, or external hard drives. The information it shows is useful like the last reboot time and date, registered users on the operating system, and all the compatible and previous versions of the operating system.

Free Pc Audit – License Key Finder

The free PC audit product key finder is another amazing portable application. Like Belarc Advisor and other product key finders, it shows loads of information about the operating system and other software installed in the system.

The Free PC audit license key finder is compatible with all versions of Windows. The free PC Audit has its limitations; however, it does not provide information about any other external thing. It also provides information about the installed software and running processes in Windows. The Free PC Audit product key finder is compatible with all versions of Windows, however, it does not find a license key for Microsoft Office.

Wrap Up

Product key finder is software everybody needs today to be able to use genuine software without pirating the original ones. Thanks to the internet, we have a bunch of software applications that are capable of finding out the license key for Windows and Microsoft Office as well. In this article, we discussed the top 5 product key finder software for discovering the license keys for genuine installations.